BFSI VISION Branch Transformation


Anand Gupta

Former EVP & Head - Alternate Channels -
Dhanlaxmi Bank & Former Head - ATMs - ICICI Bank

Directing towards a user friendly banking

Business drivers for Branch Transformation

  • Ease of operations / hassle free operations
  • Quick Response / time taken to complete the transaction
  • Safety & Security
  • Trust & Confidence
  • Easy Accessibility
  • On-line / Real-time – If the customers can see the effect of transaction on a real time basis in their account, it gives a different kind of satisfaction & confidence to the customer about completion of the transaction

Nudging customers towards these applications and gaining customer acceptance

  • If possible availability of (select if not all) services beyond banking hours as well
  • If possible – Self service
  • Vernacular
  • Availability of help in case of need
  • Use of technology is like an addiction- Once the customer tests the same and finds it safe, secure, convenient, accessible and easy to operate gets addicted to the same and then from the push factor it gets converted into pull factor.

Perspective from the banks:
It's always a winning proposition for the bank if the customer is migrated to electronic channel and self service terminals. This not only gives an edge over the other players / competitors, but also adds to the bottom line of the bank, because of the low cost of transaction as compared to the human intervened transactions.