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Girish VS

Managing Editor, BFSI Vision

The Chimera of Expectations

I welcome you to another insightful offering from BFSI vision - the BFSI Vision C-SUITE Conversation. BFSI Vision C-SUITE Conversation is a theme based weekly offering from Knowsys Media. Every week we will bring you views and opinions from across a wide spectrum of users and technology professionals on one topic of interest to the BFSI community. For the inaugural issue we chose the reason we all are here – the customer.

The Indian customer is fast evolving – from the silent sufferer to a knowledgeable, demanding and exacting customer. Today, the customer expects her service provider – be it a bank, an insurance firm or a capital market entity – will provide her a quality experience, at the speed of thought, and the price of yesteryears. Every time she has a good customer experience, she uses it as a benchmark for all the other service providers. And every time she has a bad experience, she is more than willing to shout about in all social media platforms she has access to.

This cross pollination of expectations puts great pressure on the financial service provider to keep raising the bar constantly. The great white shining hope for the BFSI community is technology. Technology can help the financial institution offer cutting edge services at reasonable costs.

In this issue we spoke to a mix of technology service providers and financial institutions for their views on this ephemeral customer expectation.

And yes- we look forward to hearing from you about the issues you would like to read about. Happy Reading.

As we say – it is time to kill mobile banking as it is today.