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Kiran Aidhi

Director – HR, Virtusa Corporation
Technology and HR

Technology and HR

What are the technology trends that will define HR operations?
For HR to grow and reach out to the millennial, technological trends like Social Networking, creating your in-house networking platforms and analytics at a click of a button would define the future of HR.

What tools are emerging for improving intra institution collaboration?
At Virtusa we have vPlus (V+) and Yammer, two very important platforms that keep all the employees connected and engaged. vPlus (V+), Virtusa's internal social business platform is designed for Virtusans to co-create business outcomes through an engaged employee and an engaged customer. We hold interactive “YamJam” sessions using Yammer, a social collaboration platform and leverage gamification, rewarding team members for their dedication and hard work. Virtusa has been successful in creating an engaging platform for its employees with a next-generation work experience.

How should financial institutions choose technology for HR?
As an organization, one should look at applications that are scalable, have an extremely dynamic UI (User Interface) which can be easily understood. It should be able to throw up reports at a click of a button with a deep drill down, if required.

How is convergence of technologies helping financial institutions in HR?
With technologies being used in HR, the organizations are able to manage employee aspirations better, chalk out specific career paths for them, develop IDPs (Individual Development Plan). They are also able to gather information on employee demographics, movements, interests, preferences, etc. so that they can engage them at a completely different level. A more personalized approach to Talent Management and Talent Engagement is, merging with the growing use of technology and analytics in HR.

How can technology help in re-skilling employees?
Technology goes a long way in the area of talent management with a focus on Learning and Development. Organizations can create an inventory of skills, traits, knowledge that each role requires. Basis the inventory, one can assess the employee skills and figure out whether he/she fits in the current role or not. The company cans then re-skill them in something which they are interested in leading to more productive and engaged employees.