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Girish VS
Managing Editor, BFSI Vision

Digital Marketing – Much Ado About Nothing
For a long time I have been watching the marketing space. Agreed, I am a professor of finance.

Gaurav Suri
Sr EVP and Head Marketing, UTI Asset Management Company Ltd.

Challenges and Technological aspects of Marketing
As the financial services industry continues to recover from the economic crisis

Jaideep Pal

Retaining the customer- The biggest challenge in the era of Digitisation
The biggest challenge is retaining the customers, because of e-tailing, the customers are getting hooked on, but they need


Tamanna Khanna
Head Marketing, IndiaFirst Life Insurance Company Ltd.

Technology the key player in changing the marketer-customer relationship
Digital is no more fighting for its spot in the business strategy. It is in fact defining and shaping the business strategy.Read more...

Sushil Tyagi
Director, Global Marketing, CRMnext

CRM can help financial institutions convert challenges into their competitive strengths
The financial sector is expected to grow around 20% in 2015. Institutions dealing

Anil V. Pillai
Director, Terragni Consulting Ltd.

Marketing In Financial Services & Products
Defining target customers at the best of times is a tricky affair, but into that mix add an economy that is still not hit peak form and sustained intense competition