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Jaideep Pal

Retaining the customer- The biggest challenge in the era of Digitisation

Biggest challenge for marketing from a digital perspective and what are the biggest opportunities

The biggest challenge is retaining the customers, because of e-tailing, the customers are getting hooked on, but they need to be retained, with so many players around. Biggest opportunity is the reach, because at the click of a button one can “View, Select and Order”. I believe rural India- is the biggest market in the “WORLD” and if this gets going then Indian Manufacturers will not need foreign markets, as there will be plenty to cater to.

If you had to choose one channel to give up, TV advertising or social media, which would you choose and why?

TV advertising- As people are looking for more interactive methods which social media provides, but TV does not, the same ad on TV and on Social Media will have different impacts as on Social Media, the potential customer can have the call for action possibility.

What is most challenging about mobile for marketing?

I feel providing good smartphones at a very affordable cost is the challenge, but with awareness about advantages of smart phones on the rise, the manufacturers can achieve break-even at a faster pace.

Technology platforms have changed the power equation – power has passed from the brand owner to the customer – in marketing? How has this redefined your message

Technology has truly changed the power equation – and hence my mantra will be “Build the Trust at the first go” as there are many players around.