BFSI VISION | Mobility


Ketan Shah

Associate Director-IT & Business
Development, Angel Broking Limited

Guiding towards better mobility

The growth of smart phone usage is higher in India as compared to the improvement in network infrastructure. In broking industry, the application needs high speed & more reliability & we feel the service provider has lot of room to improve in this area. The service provider also needs to address areas which are not yet covered with their network. We are sure with 4g network about to roll out across the country, this requirement will be addressed soon & the mobile services can grow multifold.

Over & above the speed & stability of the network, security of the data is also very important. It is vital to strike the right balance between security & flexibility. Mobile is all about convenience & if we are achieving security at the cost of convenience, it is not the good situation to be in.

Compliance also needs to undergo a change to accommodate mobility. Current compliance requirements in India are more emphasizing on physical world which needs to be addressed so that the mobility can be fully explored in its true sense.

Diversity in mobile platforms makes the development, management & maintenance cost for mobile applications very high. One need to maintain different version for different platforms & all of them needs to be updated as & when required.

Mobile is used for its convenience for sure so that the customer can do their task at their own time & comfort. While doing that customer will naturally expect that they are served more intelligently at a cheaper price with data privacy & security guaranteed & are served at the faster speed. They are also very particular about the consistent user experience.