BFSI VISION | Mobility


Probir Roy

Co-Founder & Director, Paymate

Mobile has better security features

Apart from account details and money transfer other applications that are ripe for mobile delivery?
Remittances, all forms of Bill payments & top -ups, e commerce payments and DBT

How would you reassure FI's about the safety of mobile service delivery?
Mobile has better security features and characteristics than any other channels.
Factor authentication and KYC/mapping is robust.

What models would you suggest for financial institutions wishing to adopt mobile service delivery?
A cellphone based strategy targeted at entry level phone using SMS/IVR and USSD

What are the key success factors in successful deployment of mobility?

  • Consumer awareness and education
  • Security
  • Incentive to use mobile

What customer demands and business trends will drive changes in Mobility adoption?
  • Security
  • Out of home/away from cash scenarios
  • Instant consumption/needs
  • Prices and discounts
  • Ease of use
  • User interface