BFSI VISION | Mobility


S.S. Bassi

Country Manager – SAARC, Sangfei Mobility
(Recently launched Philips Mobile Phones)

Key trends that are evolving enterprise mobility
  • Mobile Applications: The use of mobile phones and tablets are increasing the number of applications used in the enterprise. While most of the applications existing today are consumer focussed, enterprises are looking at extending the desktop to mobile. Additionally Gartner predicts that through 2014, improved JavaScript performance will begin to push HTML5 and the browser as a mainstream enterprise application development environment.
  • Security: Security is the most important issue being grappled with when it comes to enterprise mobility. Many enterprises have started coming up with their own solutions such as CYOD (Choose Your Own Device) and COPE (Corporate owned and personally owned)
  • Policy: Companies today are also putting together policies that will help manage the influx of person devices. These will play an important role in evolving enterprise mobility.

For the successful deployment of mobility solutions, organisations must :

  • Consider the end-user requirements and build user interfaces depending on this
  • Develop enterprise focussed applications which will enable employees to be connected anywhere and anytime
  • Flexibility across a range of smartphones
  • Ensure and enable security through a pre-selected mobile ecosystem and effective identity and access management.

The enterprise is constantly changing today and it is doing so rapidly. The "Nexus of Forces" which Gartner describes as the intersection of mobility, social networking, cloud and the internet is playing an important role in influencing IT decision making. Employees today are more than ever using their personal devices at the workplace to download their own applications, data and creating their own IT. Enterprises are also realising the business benefits of Enterprise Mobility in improving productivity and employee flexibility. They are realising that if they do not embrace mobility quickly enough and smartly, they will be far behind in the game.

Additionally, enterprise focussed application development will increase with new custom that will improve work efficiency of employees and develop a great user experience for clients. Technology will also improve in order to make security and identity and access management more feasible in environments supporting enterprise mobility. These factors will play an important role in driving an increased adoption of mobility.