BFSI VISION | Mobility


Sharad Bishnoi

Senior Vice President, HDFC Bank Ltd

Adopting mobile technology

Mobility Vendor
A mobility Vendor should be continuously upgraded on cutting-edge mobile technology and should have strong ability to adopt new technological changes. With convergence of mobile, computer and internet technologies, the time to "adopt changes" and "new innovations" is very sharp. Hence the technology vendors have to be very agile, up-to-date on technology changes and at the same time be innovative.

Mobile Technology Adoption
For organizations adopting mobile technology products, in-depth market understanding and trends of technology usage among various customer segments are two must-have criteria for success. Trends in advanced markets as well as markets similar to India can also help in successfully embracing mobile technology in products and services. There are many technology-enabled product concepts in the market. However, neither all are relevant for Indian consumers not necessarily "Customer need/want-focused". At times products exist because technologically it has become possible. Hence, it is very critical to identify the specific need/want of customers that an organization looks to fulfil before embarking into the mobile product and technology journey.

From end-customer perspective, it is highly important that organization's mobile technology platform is capable of offering products and services that are end-user's device agnostic. Further, the product / service experience across various mobile platforms such as iOS, android, BB, windows etc. should be similar in ease, look & feel and features.

On technology landscape front, an internal technology architecture that is flexible in structure to facilitate seamless integration and frequent technology change incorporation in mobile platforms is a key enabler for success.

Internal Process changes to adopt Mobility
From technology deployment philosophy perspective - the transition should be from Water-fall model of development / implementation to prototype model. Frequent technology changes, shortened time to market and frequent upgrade frequencies mean the mobile technology projects should be fast and frequent while implementing. It is not only a vast change from normal technology deployment philosophies of financial institutions, but also requires re-aligning processes internally to have successful adoption of this platform.

Above all, needless to mention security is the starting point for all offerings on Mobile technologies.