BFSI Vision - The New Normal

Welcome to the “New Normal” – an era defined by volatility – of prices (petrol just went up), inflation (stubbornly high), interest rates (RBI again raised it), hopes (going down fast), growth (already down) and business confidence (shaky, at best).

The new normal is forcing a paradigm shift in the way financial services will be delivered – from technology enabled, transaction focused services to knowledge driven, tailored services. Again, volatility in the way we deliver services.

This places the BFSI sector at the epicentre of volatility. Forget growth, staying in place is going to put a strain on our resources and abilities. To stay afloat and forge ahead is a challenge - a challenge we need to face.

The need of the hour is a place where finance professionals can come together to exchange notes, learn and in turn pass on their knowledge “for the greater good”.

BFSI Vision is an initiative to bring in a fresh perspective to our profession. It’ll serve as a platform for opinion makers, market movers and strategy shakers to share their knowledge, opinions and expertise with the wider BFSI community – and with the extended family of finance professionals and students.

In many ways BFSI Vision defines this new normal. It’ll feature a vast collection of opinions, analyses, blogs, interviews, articles and research reports on all aspects of the BFSI sector. From domestic news to international developments, from regulations to compliance issues, from focus group deliberations to conclaves - you will get to explore the secrets of thriving in the new normal. BFSI Vision is an opportunity to discuss and debate the challenges facing the sector. It’s a place where people interested in exploring the world of BFSI can learn from the experts.

Finally, BFSI Vision is not only about credit default swaps. You will get to explore all aspects of the business – Geo-politics, Economics, Sociology, Behavioural Sciences, Marketing, Human Resources, Leadership, Strategy et al. You will not be disappointed by our eclectic mix.

We appreciate the time you spend with us. You will find that we respect it and add value at every visit.

Happy browsing and do subscribe to our print edition.