BFSI VISION | Social Media Strategy


Riyaz Ladiwala

Senior Vice President,
Edelweiss Securities Ltd.

Trends seen in social media strategies that trigger the traffic

In social media space I see primarily 2 trends. 1st is building awareness/educating and the 2nd is customer service. People in this space seek lot of content which adds value and not just reaches them. There is much higher consumption for content which recipients easily relate to themselves. These content form irrespective of text, video, audio or info-graphic should either make them aware or educate on certain topic.

Also, social media has given power to every individual to express their views and opinions in public, people use this space to express their satisfaction as well as dissatisfaction for any product or service. Brands understand the importance of this space and take feedbacks very seriously. Client centric brands closely monitor their mentions and take necessary action to make sure that clients are satisfied.

Business trends that will drive changes in social media strategy
Changing usage pattern of internet on mobile and speed of internet will drive a lot of changes in Social Media Strategy. Products are made keeping in mind how they get used and also how social media will help in higher consumption of the product. It's not only business trends driving changes in social media strategy, but other way also, changing trends in social media usage by customers make us evolve our offerings.