BFSI VISION Cloud Computing


Anuragi Raman

CEO, Ask To Solve Management
Services Pvt. Ltd.

Cloud computing- The Lateral view

Any change has two aspects- hard and soft or technical and psychology related. There is no doubt, technically FS industry is absolutely ready. In fact the collocation is much better from execution speed perspective. However the fear or data loss, though unfounded, makes a lot of companies not ready for cloud computing.

One time investment v/s pay per use comparison. CFOs may still feel the capex investment option is always better as companies may be cash rich. Other aspect is regulatory environment and policies. A lot of time regulation and sometimes internal compliance guidelines hinders proper articulation of cloud strategy.

Another priority for cloud computing is high internet b/w requirement for specific period of time and for a specific purpose only. Disaster recovery is another area that can be looked at as priority for cloud computing because a lot of CFOs treat DR as insurance cover and as less premium as possible for insurance cover always makes CFOs happy.