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Raj Naik

Managing Partner, Easyaccess
Business Solutions

Emergence of cloud services

Cloud is the most efficient and cost effective solution for any business and almost all the business functions would benefit from cloud computing. From SMEs to very large organizations, cloud computing can offer effective solutions in areas such as HR, payroll management, billing, ordering, contact management, production planning, customer support and reporting etc

Cloud computing can be risky as well the safest place to store your data. The safety of a cloud is dependent on the firewall and encryption technique used by the cloud provider. Cloud computing has a remarkable property of processing and storing data into multiple clusters using multiple infrastructure options. The encryption technique plays a very critical role for data security.

Cloud computing is responsible for successful implementation of SAAS model worldwide. The adoption of which in any business can significantly increase the efficiency of data processing. In other words cloud adoption can make a client future ready for all new technologies. The latest trend in today's market is generating business through e-sales and e-marketing. The only effective medium to achieve this is through cloud adoption.

Mobile phones and other hand held devices have generated a new era of evolution in cloud computing. The retail and banking sector has internationally acknowledged and benefited through new emerging cloud computing techniques. The next half of the decade will see implementation of these techniques in all other sectors worldwide. This technology is the fastest growing in the world. The first implementation of these techniques was in 1950s when it was used for time sharing or remote job entry and now it is used for most of the banking and other critical needs of a growing world. . The most successful implementation of cloud computing was achieved by social media websites.