BFSI VISION Cloud Computing


Sridhar Pinnapureddy

Founder & CEO, CtrlS Datacenters Ltd.

Measures to comply with when providing cloud computing

The cloud service provider should provide the following:

  • Cloud stack offering
  • Regions and Availability Zones (Service Coverage)
  • Network Capabilities
  • Reliability and Flexibility
  • Integration Capability
  • Solutioning Capabilities
  • Compliances and Security Capabilities
  • Services and SLA offered
  • Customer Satisfaction Ratings
  • Pricing
  • Availability of services closer to the users locations
  • Disaster recovery, Security, monitoring capabilities

Key success factors in cloud adoption:

The organization needs to identify the constrains and challenges with their current infrastructure and data center. Typically these are security, compliances, server resources utilization and scalability, storage tiering and utilization, network bandwidth and links, limited knowledge of IT staff members.

The cloud adoption model is succeed if following are met:

  • Adequate security measures are implemented
  • Current and future compliances needs are implemented and provisioned
  • Scalability is achieved as per application resource utilization need due to spike in business need
  • Ability to move workloads between in-house / cloud resources
  • Integration of API with existing and new system
  • Business needs are mapped and delivered with better cost, stability and performance

For adopting the cloud organization will need to have following process

  • Creation of cloud adoption team: These are the people from various department of business who will do the evaluation / research on cloud service provider offerings and their value propositions and create report for stake holders in the organization to do the strategic planning and high level financial exercise.
  • Define a transparent goal of IT transformation to Cloud Services by developing the enterprise security, compliance and cloud strategy. Develop a business case and ROI model and the cloud governance model
  • Create a cloud road map and train the team responsible for the same
  • Change the IT governance
  • Change the IT Policies and Procedures to include the cloud operations, risk and mitigation plans, operating procedures, project management methodology, software development life cycle etc
  • The most important factor would be cultural change. This needs to be closely and carefully defined.