The information received by us and our knowledge partner, Ashvin Parekh Advisory Services – will be collated in a pre-defined form. Our knowledge partners APAS will collate the information. The information you send us can be accessed only by APAS- and not by us – to
ensure complete transparency and avoid any bias.

The jury members are given complete independence in deciding the methodology that would be used to evaluate the nominations for the awards.

This includes deciding of various categories under which the firms can be recognized and developing a framework to measure the effort
and impact to evaluate the nominated firms

APAS will collate and consolidate the information in a manner that will make it possible for our jury panel to study. The dockets containing the nomination details will be sent to the jury so that they can form an independent opinion.

10 days of time after closing of nominations to be allotted for evaluation of nominations received based on the parameters developed. Results will be shared with the jury for their independent evaluation.

At the close of the nomination process, we will schedule a jury meet, where your nominations will be discussed and deliberated on by the jury members. In case the jury needs any further clarification, proof or explanation, we will contact you for such information. We request
you to please help us on war footing.

The jury deliberations will be off camera. The decision of the jury will be known only to APAS. We will not be privy to this information.

Sponsors and organizers will have no influence on the awards.

Adequate documentation on the nominees, the awards and recognized players and the benchmarks will be created. A substantial
database to that extent will be followed by a report that would be circulated to the participants and jury.

We hope to see you at the award ceremony.