The BFSI Sector is the backbone of economic activity of a country. As the sector gains strength, the economic health of the nation improves. However, apart from the economic nation building, this sector is active in creating sustainable living across the country. Long before it was fashionable to speak of CSR, the Indian BFSI sector was living it.


An urge for promoting quality and excellence within the BFSI sector by setting
up an annual series of awards aimed at promoting, recognizing and celebrating excellence and leadership in CSR.

The Reason for the Awards

The Indian economic growth story over the 15 years has been tremendous – this not withstanding the current dip in growth. It is clearly an understatement that the Financial Services sector has played a pivotal role in this growth.

But this only reflects one part of the story…

This growth has left us with a nagging worry – volatile markets, growing income inequality, rapidurbanisation (roughly 40 percent of India will live in cities by 2030), continuing resource shortage and the constant threat of natural disasters.

What does it take to address this?How can the financial services sector contribute to make this growth sustainable and turn challenges into opportunities?

It calls for a clear commitment to inclusive growth, protection of the environment, sustainable development and healthcare and sanitation to all– a constanttheme of discussion today in all forums across the World!

Your magazine - BFSI Vision - a media community of the BFSI sector wishes to celebrate the community spirit of the BFSI sector by instituting a series of CSR awards exclusively for the BFSI community. We invite you to support this celebration. We wish to move CSR beyond the statutory requirements of the new Companies Act, to touch ordinary lives. The BFSI Vision CSR Awards celebrates and honoursthe Indian BFSI firms embodying the principles of corporate responsibility in their business philosophy and operations.

Come join us and to identify the answers to our challenges of equitable growth, successful best practices / approaches from the leaders of our community, employees, regulators and become more integrated competitive, dynamic, resilient and more importantly INCLUSIVE!


♣ Encourage and motivate adoption of best practices

♣ Become role models for others to emulate.

♣ Encourage employees to stay committed to CSR.

♣ Create strategies for improvement in operations standards.

♣ Recognize outstanding contribution to CSR.