In order to ensure fairness and objectivity in the award process and maintaining its sanctity, we have partnered with M/s Ashvin Parekh Advisory Services (APAS), who are going to support us as Knowledge Partners during the entire process. M/s Ashvin Parekh Advisory Services (APAS) is headed by Mr Ashvin Parekh.

Ashvin had set up the advisory service company in the areas of providing business advisory , transaction advisory and training to the Boards and CEO's of the financial services sector companies, in June 2013. APAS, in its short stint has bagged many large business and transaction advisory assignments from leading financial conglomerates. APAS has also conducted board trainings for large public sector banks in the past year.

Ashvin retired as a Senior Partner from Ernst & Young in June 2013, He was with EY for 8 years. Earlier he was the Executive Director of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Pvt. Ltd. from July 2002 till June 2005. He also held senior positions in Arthur Anderson, Price Waterhouse Coopers, KPMG India, KPMG UK, KPMG Dubai and Hindustan Lever Ltd. He has worked in the United Kingdom, Dubai, Australia, Germany and the US on Partner secondment programs for about 11 years outside of India.

Ashvin has done more than 700 projects in the course of 33 years with the large firms. These programs have been in the areas of business strategy and capital expansion. As a part of this he has conducted more than 45 transactions in the joint ventures and merger and acquisition areas.

He is registered with the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank as an expert in the financial services sector. He has worked on gamut of areas like business strategies, corporate planning, institutional strengthening and business transformation across industries including banking, insurance, pension and capital markets.

After returning to India, 12 years ago Ashvin has been working closely with all the Major Global and Indian clients in the banking, insurance and capital markets areas. In 1992 he was involved with a formation of 4 new banks. This was the first time the banking regulator had opened up banking to the private sector. Thereafter he has been involved with several partnership initiatives in the mutual fund and capital markets. In 1999 – 2000 during the reforms in the insurance sector he was closely involved with the government and the regulator in the formation of the regulatory authority and also assisted the regulators office in preparing the regulations for the sector.

Since then he has assisted more than 30 joint ventures in the life, general and health insurance areas. He has assisted these companies from the preparation of business plans till assisting them in seeking regulatory approvals for licensing / registering these companies.

Ashvin has been working closely with the government. In the last 5 years he has been on 9 committees set up by the Finance Minister / Ministry of Finance. He has been assisting all the regulators in the finance sector namely the banking, insurance, pension and capital markets with new reforms.

He has been a member of several committees set up by the Ministry of Finance, RBI, IRDA and SEBI. He is also a member of industry bodies and associations namely CII, FICCI and ASSOCHAM. He has conducted more than 50 road shows with investors and foreign companies in the finance sector who have joint ventures and investments in India as well as the ones who are planning to invest through FDI or FII routes. Ashvin is very active on the media both television and print on discussions on the Indian economy, the fiscal and monetary policies and the new reform initiatives.