Corporate Social Responsibility – A perspective


Corporate Social Responsibility has today become a fancy term amongst the corporate, and even amongst the social upliftment organizations. Although numerous companies are carrying out meaningful services, there are others which are less successful in achieving effective results.

UAE Exchange has taken this concept very seriously and has in the past years done a fair share in contributing to various segments of the society rightfully discerning their needs and providing optimal support. The company places much emphasis on this aspect of its operation even while it draws out plans and budget for a year. Activities undertaken as part of its corporate social responsibility initiative are done not merely as discharging an obligation but as a necessary ingredient in the ethos of the organization. The Company attempts to nurture in each employee an inclination to make a creative contribution towards his/her community, using their abilities. Thus UAE Exchange identifies within itself a mini-India that works towards the betterment and progress of the larger- India.

The planning and organizing are done by the staff at the branches and is often times led by the respective Branch Head. This ensures that all staff at different levels participates in the efforts. The staff is also assessed for their initiative shown towards the cause. The campaigns are held in public which ensures that the common people are aware of it and all who require are able to access it or even co-operate in it.

UAE Exchange breaking the clichés of inauguration, the usual chenda & band mela, replaced it with a simple but noble style. Every branch inauguration, branch shifting, and other special events at the branches are taken as an opportunity to paint the environment green, by distributing saplings to the invitees, chief guests and public.

Activities are undertaken at branch levels with branches planning, organizing and implementing them so that the results are seen at grass root level delivered directly to the person in need. The target beneficiaries are identified segment wise, for instance, children, women, men, older citizens, orphans, patients and so on. Community needs like environment, traffic, cleanliness and such are also identified for action. Most often UAE Exchange associates with providers of care such as hospitals, homes, orphanages and so on, so as to provide service jointly. We also assist establishments like the Red Cross, the Police and the like in fruitfully implementing projects.

The corporate policy of the company is to involve in CSR activities that are measurable, that can be followed up, and that is sustainable. The issue of the present world is of climate change and so the company has taken the stand to promote planting of trees for a better environment, which in turn touches lives.

Every year the company sets aside certain measures to spread awareness across the counter either through its centralized policies or individual initiatives well supported from the centre.

Each campaign has a target beneficiary group determined based on a specific need and all efforts are taken to provide the optimal help and service. An Eye Care or Dental Camp, Distribution of Books & Bags, Provisions for Old Age Homes and Orphanages are instances where the results of the campaign are evident immediately. The apparent happiness of the ones who receive assistance speaks for the effectiveness or lack of it in the campaign.

Further, in campaigns like assisting the Traffic Police with Reflector distributing, Free Pollution Check Up for two wheelers or cleaning up the beach in Vishakhapatnam may not provide instant gratification of the cause. UAE Exchange takes special care in identifying needs that have not just immediate results but also produce positive consequence for longer time.

The Company also endeavors to ensure that the target beneficiary classes are varied. The underprivileged and the needy have apparent needs of assistance and provisions, whereas our constant interaction with varied kinds of customers reveals to us areas that require attention and a prospective CSR campaign.

UAE Exchange is proud to be Indian and we look at CSR as an opportunity to give back to our nation out of what we have been helped to achieve. India has given us the chance to become a successful organization with roots reaching remote villages, branches at most urban cities and then a few spreading around the globe. We take it as our duty to contribute into the nation, economically and socially as much good as we have reaped from being a part of it.

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