Past Events


Theme: The First BFSI Vision CSR Awards 2014

“CSR is the commitment of businesses to contribute to sustainable economic development by working with employees, their families, the local community and society at large, to improve their lives in ways that are good for business and for development.Indian entrepreneurs and business enterprises have a long tradition of working with full respect to values that have defined our nation's character for millennia. India's ancient wisdom, which is still relevant today, inspires people to work for the larger objective of the well-being of all stakeholders. Presently, the basic objective of CSR is to maximize the company’s overall positive impact on the society and stakeholders. I applaud the efforts of BFSI Vision in recognizing the CSR contributions of Corporates and my congratulations to all the nominees and award winners.”


Theme: Creating Future Ready Platform for BFSI Industry

The digital era dramatically changed the functional process of BFSI Industry and forced this industry to keep pace with rapid changes and growing expectation of customers. Today BFSI industry need world class dynamic infrastructure to get ready for upcoming IT challenges by reducing operational cost and enable business growth, yet ensuring scalability and mitigate risks.

This event had focused on:

  • IPV6 Readiness and Automated Network Control
  • Safeguard information assets, pursue new business initiatives securely, proactively manage risk
  • Enabling new capabilities by integrating voice, video and data communications
  • Building resiliency across your business
  • Get more out of your IT and critical assets
  • Get more out of your IT and critical assets by improving alignment with business priorities
  • As a senior Banking& Financial Professional we would like to invite you a Roundtable Discussion.

Theme: "Enhancing Customer Experience and Employee Collaboration"

Customers expect an extraordinarily high level of convenience from their financial service providers. Access to financial services anytime, anywhere over any channel is a basic requirement. This means an increased access to service from a remote appliances and a more open service environment, increasing the risk to the service provider and challenging their ability to keep their transaction safe. Enhanced customer experience and improved employee collaboration is the way forward.

In this scenario reliable data network is a mission-critical asset. The network should be able to carry any kind of information security video, which would allow for the replacement of costly and inefficient analogue surveillance, voice to eliminate the need for proprietary phone systems, or data for real time analysis.

This series of Strategic C from BFSI Vision will focus on issues like:

  • Optimized infrastructure to enhance customer experience
  • Managing risk, security and compliance through Physical Security enabled with Analytic
  • Application and Network Performance Optimization
  • Employee collaboration through mobile capabilities.