Mr.Hemant Bargava
Executive Director Marketing (LIC)

What is your assessment of Indian Life Insurance Industry? The Indian life insurance industry has grown in totality over last few years to take the life insurance penetration standing to 4%, as compared to 2 % some ten years back. Compared to some of the Asian countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and some others, our penetration is low, however the Indian life insurance industry has vast potential and is likely to grow exponentially in the next few years. How has the insurance industry changed over the past few years? How do you see the sector growing? Over the last few years the life insurance sector has witnessed many changes which include designing & launching of innovative products, better customer services & wider

What is your strategy for micro insurance? The Corporation focuses on covering all the strata of the society and accordingly Micro insurance will have major role to play in providing insurance to the finan cially weaker section of the society. The distribution network for micro insurance shall be strengthened. LIC has created a separate vertical for Micro Insurance and also designed specific products to cater to this sector.