Who we are

Knowsys Media Private Limited belongs to the Knowsys Group and we are the group company for Knowsys Info (India) Ltd and own the publication “BFSI Vision”.

Apart from the above company the group also includes companies like Knowsys E-com Private Limited, Knowsys Consulting Pvt Limited, B.T. Syndicate Limited, Knowsys Info (India) Limited, Regent Fin Marketing Private Limited and Kashish Enterprises. We as a group have a wide range of vertical in business and revenue's coming from offline trading activities to multi-retail online store to publication, advertising, conferences, consulting etc. We as a group began our journey from 2007 and by 2012 have reached revenues of around 5million US$.

We are passionate about what we do and place great emphasis on keeping up to date with the latest developments in the BFSI Community. When combined with friendly, knowledgeable and responsive service, the results have been many successful campaigns and great partnerships with our customers - a fact which we feel is reflected in most new clients hearing about us through personal recommendation.

We possess a very strong dedicated management team. Our growth statistics have emerged from merely 3 employees to 44 employees in the year 2013.Our business models strongly focus on creating successful, mutually rewarding and long-term relationships with our Customers and Partners. Integrity and honesty are at the soul of Knowsys. We operate at the highest level of professionalism and values to conduct our business and personal activities with a deep sense of respect. Developing the best solution and product for the customer is at the centre of Knowsys.

Our teams are not constrained by "in-the-box" thinking and always think of a creative approach of tackling an issue. We tackle the most difficult problems with fearless determination. Our culture respects courage and demands it from all of us. We believe that nothing is impossible.

We place the highest degree of confidence and respect in our people to deliver solutions that are customer-driven and critical to their needs. At Knowsys, we listen and respond to our customers - both internally and externally. Our teams get adequate freedom to keep and deliver on their commitments, reinforcing a key part of our brand promise. Trust permeates every aspect of our daily work life within the Knowsys community of employees, customers and stakeholders.